Posted on by Richard Lin

Great news! After months of working, we have finally gotten to listing our koi on the website.  It will take us a while longer to work out the bugs on how to have shipping calculate automatically in checkout but currently, you are able to view and purchase the koi in the online store. 


Currently, we have the assorted or Dealers Choice 7" koi avalialbe for sale and the individually listed 16" nisai koi for sale.  


Koi can currently be shipped via FedEx or via Air Cargo.  Air Cargo rates are standard $65 per box which fits up to 6 of the 16" koi or up to 50 of the 7" tosai koi.  


Please check back as we continue to add inventory and update functionality.  We hope to make this as seamless as possible and provide an easy and smooth sales transaction on our website.  

Please feel free to provide any feedback on either the fish or the process for ordering.  We are open to feedback to help us improve our service. 





Richard Lin