Posted on by Ken Kim

One of the biggest obstacles of buying fish online are the high shipping costs. We’re always working to find ways to reduce those costs to pass those savings to you. 

During the past few years however, we have seen substantial changes in cost that affect our shipping rates. 

  • Annual FedEx Express rates increased with January 2022 being the highest increase since 2013***
  • Costs on all shipping supplies increased significantly due to the surge of online retailers
  • Increased fuel charges
  • Supply chain challenges 

***FedEx:” These changes reflect incremental costs associated with the challenging operating environment, while enabling FedEx to continue investing in service enhancement, fleet maintenance, technology innovations, and other areas to serve customers more effectively and efficiently”

Amidst all of these increases, we have managed to keep our Overnight and Free2Day shipping rates the same. However, due to the most recent round of rate hikes, we are unable to continually absorb the shipping costs. We will be updating our shipping rates as well.



New Shipping Rates

Flat Rate Shipping / Standard Shipping

  • $50 Flat Rate for All orders over $100 (no changes!)

Free2Day Shipping (the big change)

  • A minimum of 2 eligible fish must be purchased for the order to be qualified for Free2Day Shipping
  • Orders with a single item are now $10 to ship as Two Day Shipping instead. If you would like to place a 2nd order to combine your orders for Free2Day, use the discount code COMBINE during checkout and we will refund the shipping from the first order when your order is shipped! 
  • We have expanded our Free2Day shipping program to include bigger sizes of fish. All eligible fish will indicate Free2Day in the title of the listing 


We know that changes can be both good and bad, and we’re sorry about that. We’re doing our best to provide the best shipping rates so that we can in return provide you with the best prices!