Importing to / Canada

Shipping to Canada

What You Need

In order for us to ship to Canada, you will be responsible for providing the following documents:

Prior to shipping your order, you will need to provide the aforementioned document to pack in the box. Please have this prepared before placing your order or within 12 hours of after placing your order.


Please note that you will be responsible for Import Duties and Tax

Accessing the Importer’s Declaration of Ownership for Pet Aquatics Animals

Accessing the document will require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to be able to view, edit, and print the document.

You can download and install the program here.

Once downloaded and installed, click the link below to download the form.

Open the downloaded document with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and continue to fill out the form. Once filled out, please print a copy to keep for your records and send us a copy of the completed form.

  • 1. Scan the completed document
  • 2. OR take a picture with your phone and email it to us at Please make sure pictures taken are clear and information on the documents can be easily read.

I cannot download the program. What do I do?

Please download a blank version of the form below. Then message us here to request an Application request number. Fill out the rest of the information manually and email the completed form to us at

Blank Copy of Importer's Declaration of Ownership For Pet Aquatic Animals

Additional Form Information

    • What do I enter in Section C: Exporter?

      You can enter the information as follows:

      King Koi Goldfish

      11759 Edinger Ave Fountain Valley, CA 92708, USA


    • What do I put for Section D: Origin of Pet Aquatic Animal?

      Origin: USA

      Born In: Captivity

Shipping Costs

As we are currently new to the process of shipping to Canada, automated shipping rates are unavailable at this time. All shipping costs of fish and dry goods will be billed after the order. Shipping costs may change at any time.

Please note that you will be responsible for Import Duties and Tax

Susceptible Species of Aquatic Animals

Reportable and immediately notifiable diseases are of significant importance to aquatic animal health and to the Canadian economy.

Susceptibility in aquatic species is determined if the infection can be demonstrated by natural occurrence of the disease in the species, or by experimental exposure of the species to the disease agent through a pathway that mimics a natural route of infection.

If you suspect or detect any of the reportable diseases in the animals that you own or work with, you are required by law to immediately contact the CFIA.

Only laboratories are required to notify the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) upon suspicion or detection of immediately notifiable diseases.

  • Species: Carassius auratus
  • Diseases of Concern: Infectious pancreatic necrosis, Spring viraemia of carp, Epizootic ulcerative syndrome (Aphanomyces invadans), Koi herpesvirus disease


Imports of susceptible aquatic animals require an Aquatic Animal Health Import Permit for entry into Canada. Import permits contain specific requirements based on the disease risks associated with the aquatic animal, the origin, the commodity type, the end use of the aquatic animals in Canada and other relevant health information.

Imported susceptible aquatic animals may also require export health certification or other documentation from the country of origin to ensure that the aquatic animals imported into Canada meet Canadian aquatic animal health requirements. Additional documentation requirements are outlined in the Automated Import Reference System (AIRS). Due to rapid changes in the health status of foreign trade partners, the CFIA NAAHP recommends that importers refer to AIRS to determine the most up to date import requirements.

Obtaining an Aquatic Animal Health Import Permit

The Application for Permit to Import Aquatic Animals and/or their Offal (CFIA/ACIA 5670) is completed by the importer. Prior to completing the application, the importer should refer to AIRS and ensure that an import permit is required for the commodity(ies) being imported. Importers should contact the CFIA's Centre of Administration for Permissions (COA) with their questions or concerns.

The completed application is emailed, faxed or mailed to the COA. Fees will be charged for import permits where applicable. The COA may contact importers if additional information is required before issuing an import permit.