Virtual Shopping

What is Virtual Shopping?

Here at King Koi Goldfish, we want to be able to show you everything we have in store and help you pick the exact fish you are looking for. Virtual Shopping is a service we provide to help you do exactly that! Virtual Shopping is a live video chat with one of our staff members and walk you through our store.

Each session is up to 30 minutes giving you plenty of time to pick out which fish you'd like!

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I've booked my appointment. What is the next step?

    • Once you've booked your appointment. You’ll receive an automated email shortly after confirming your appointment. Once we’ve approved your appointment time, you’ll receive a follow up email with a unique Meeting ID and video chat join link that will. Please keep this information for your scheduled time.
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  • Connect to the video call at the time of your appointment. Click the button below for instructions.
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