Store Maintenance
Here at King Koi and Goldfish, we believe it's important that our customers feel informed and confident in our processes. As a result, we decided to have more transparency with all of our treatment processes. While I understand why so many businesses would rather not disclose their treatments, (some dont QT at all, or others who say someone overseas did it for them or just opening myself up for criticism by all the “internet experts”) I hope by unveiling the shroud of mystery, you can make informed decisions and buy confidently.

Medications Used for Store Maintenance

General Maintenance Practices
- We maintain over 30 different goldfish systems in the store. Each system has its own filter. We keep separate nets, baskets and bowls for each water system. NO SHARING NETS!
- All nets, bowls, baskets and bins are bleached every week.
- We change 50-80% water on Tuesday
- We change 100% water with a full tank wipe down every Friday
- Filters are cleaned 2x per Month. Pond settlements are drained and filter mats rinsed or replaced. Canister/HOB filter sponges are cleaned and filter media is rinsed with dechlorinated water.
- All sponge filters are cleaned of debris every Tuesday and Friday. Any sponges are inspected and if replacements are necesary, they are done at this time.

Ongoing Preventative Treatments
All fish coming into the store from our QT facility or Holding facilities are coming from different systems. Before they are added to the store system, we dip all fish into a Potassium Permanganate solution for 5 minutes before we move them into the store water. This oxidizes all surface microbes and is effective against bacteria, parasites and fungus.

Week 1 Cupramine is added Friday and replaced Tuesday
Week 2 Cupramine is added Friday and replaced Tuesday
Week 3 Cupramine is added Friday and replaced Tuesday
Week 4 Hikari Ich-X and Praziquantel Powder Mixture is added Friday and removed by water change on Tuesday