Posted on by Ken Kim

Here at King Koi Goldfish, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best deals whether it comes in the form of fish or shipping. Shipping rates increase every year but we have absorbed all of those increased costs for the past 8 years as our commitment to being one of the most affordable fish stores in the USA and Canada!

Reviewing our last shipping rate changes in October 2022:

As we mentioned a couple years ago, January 2022 was our biggest rate increase that FedEx has seen since 2013. At the time, we've only made adjustments to our Free2Day Promo where we required a minimum of 2 fish to be eligible for free shipping. Flat Rate Shipping rates remained unchanged.

Fast forward to last year, January 2023 saw an even bigger rate increase than its historic previous year. The average General Rate Increases every year is about 4.9%. We saw a 5.9% increase in 2022 and a 6.9% in 2023! In January of 2024, FedEx was able to rollback to a 5.9% increase which is an improvement but still more than the median of what we've experienced over the last 10 years. That means that if shipping costed $50 in 2016, it now costs an average of $75 today.

$75 for shipping is just too much! To stay committed to our affordable pricing, we're introducing the new rates below.

Shipping Rate Changes

Flat Rate Shipping (The Change)

  • Flat Rate is now $59 within the contiguous US states
  • Other areas such as Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Puerto Rico will see proportional changes

Free2Day Shipping (The Good Change)

The changes aren't all bad. While we aren't happy about having to change our Overnight Shipping Prices, we've slowly been able to make some of those bigger fish eligible to the Free2Day program instead. And always remember to ask us about Air Cargo for some of the larger orders. It's much safer for the fish because of the larger box we ship them in.

In the end, we are always looking for new ways to keep our prices affordable without compromising the safety and health of our fish!