Posted on by Richard Lin


We received our latest shipment and quarantine has been underway for just about a week now.  So far so good.  Nothing that catastrophic has occurred yet so thats always good news. (Aside from the 3 filter boxes that overflowed!!)  This time, I decided to try rearranging my quarantine process a little and move Flukes treatments forward to right after the initial rest.  I also shortened the initial rest period from 72 hours to 48 hours.   At this point, I have already started flukes, parasite treatment round 1 and we have moved into treating for internal parasites with metro food and started treatment for external and internal worms.  As I said before, so far so good.  


One of the very rare treasures we were able to bring in this time are the Phoenix Eggfish.  I am particularity impressed with the length of the fins.  They really flow in the water and give the fish a very graceful swimming motion.  I believe they are much more beautiful from top view, but as you can see, even from the side, they are fantastic to behold.  Just an aside, from the top, the tail and fins really spread out and give a great shape to the fish,  It appears to have rays spreading out from the body.  


For some who dont like ranchus because of the oversize wen but still want a dorsalless fish, or those who love the long flowing veil or phoenix tail, this rare fish will make a nice addition.  And who doesn't like being the only one with an envy-worthy rare fish?



Red and White Phoenix Eggfish with pom poms

Red and White Phoenix Eggfish with red Pom Pom


Calico Eggfish with Phoenix Tail

Calico Phoenix Eggfish with long flowing Phoenix tail


White Eggfish with Phoenix Tail

White Phoenix Eggfish with extra long fins


Red and White Eggfish with Phoenix tail

Red White Phoenix Eggfish