Posted on by Richard Lin

It has come to our attention that the authenticity of the Pan Farm ranchu has come into question - mainly driven by the intentional misleading of a certain instagram account.  

Originally, we were not planning on responding to these ridiculous claims, but given the insistent nature of his attacks, his continued libel attacks on our integrity.

Here is our official response:

Our Pan fish were exported to Taiwan where they were held for a number of weeks before we brought them to the USA. They have been in our care since late November.  It is our continued mission to ensure we provide the healthiest fish to our American customers. We purchased these fish before the account making these allegations was even created.  


Here are some screenshots to document our conversations with the Pan farm.  

Translated in context it says:

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: I sold this to a customer

  • Pan Farm: What’s the situation?

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: He (KKG Family) sent it to the USA

  • Pan Farm: Oh, I see

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: He (KKG Family) told me some guy said this is not Pan Farm fish

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: And said they asked Pan

  • Pan Farm: Just now there was someone who asked me

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: Customer is asking me (what is the problem)

  • Pan Farm: No problem then.

  • ---------After this they discuss unrelated fish business----------------

  • Pan Farm: You are promoting Pan farm?

  • Pan Farm: Pretty Good

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: I am promoting Pan farm in Taiwan

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: To be honest

  • Pan Farm: Thank you

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: I always promote Pan farm

  • Pan Farm: emoji

  • Taiwan Fish Buyer: We can all work together. to bring up the fish business is good business for all of us.

Basically, the original buyer from Pan to Taiwan confronts the Pan Farm asking why there is some guy in America claiming that the contact from Pan Farm said the purchased fish is not a Pan Farm fish. H (the buyer) then confirms with farm that this is one of his that was sold and sent to USA. Pan Farn acknowledges after he is informed of the sales trail and they move on to pleasantries.

We have always strayed away from the unprofessional manner in which some agents represent themselves. As a matter of fact, in a show of goodwill, we are even willing to honor the farms agreements.

In the time since we imported these fish, it does appear that the farm has established a local authorized agent. To pay proper homage to the farm, we can respect the farms wishes and we will not brand our fish with their name. Instead, when we import them, we will just call them by the color, Milk Cow.  

In actuality, we would prefer to just call the fish by the color without mentioning the farm. When you are beholden to a farm, you are representing the best interests of the farm. We are beholden to our customers and prefer to represent the best interests of our customers.

What's ironic is that after this individual has spent the last 3 days trashing the quality of these ranchu and saying all the ways its substandard, he's going to turn around tomorrow and tell you how nothing but perfect gems come from this farm. Unfortunately, between his behavior and words, he's done irreparable damage to his own credibility and the farm he wants to represent. This could have all been avoided if he would have bothered to contact us first instead of jumping to conclusions and dumping his ignorance all over social media. Can you believe, this person has never reached out to us at all? His consequence is poetic justice.

As an aside - It was mentioned somewhere that we are just a fish store. I’ll be the first to say, we are happy to be JUST a fish store. Our goal is to represent AMERICAN GOLDFISH hobbyists, not overseas interests. This includes finding fish of excellent quality at reasonable prices and selling them for prices that make them affordable to the widest audience possible. I'm sure there will be other importers who only want to sell $500 goldfish, to you, we say good luck. If you have ever talked to us in the store or discussed business with us, you will know that our approach towards other dealers has always been, “Everyone can eat!” There is no need to bash or talk down about other companies. It’s a low form of sales that only hurts the industry as a whole. We support our fellow hobbyist, breeders, and dealers, given you act with class and grace of course.

The evolution of our business is due almost in whole to listening to you, our customers, and responding accordingly. You tell us what you want and we work to get it here for you.

We want to take a minute to thank our customers for the overwhelming support we have received in regards to this issue. It truly means a lot to us. Your continued faith and support allow us to continue to grow and serve you better.