Posted on by Richard Lin


Calico Cat Lion Goldfish - 花貓獅

Get ready for a new type of goldfish variety in the USA.  Since our inception, we have always asked youall what are the kinds of fish you would like us to bring in.  We get a lot of the staple, like, Ranchu, Butterfly, Oranda, Ryukin, sometimes we get less commonly requested types like Tosakin, Tamasaba, Demekins, Jikin. Less commonly we get hybridized fish like dragon/telescope eye “X” or Pom Pom “X”.  We also take it upon ourselves to look around in China and Thailand for unique or new varieties or colors.  

Recently, I got a request for a new type of goldfish.  Actually, so unusual that I didnt even know what it was when I first got the pictures.  I just assumed it was a Lionhead.  Actually, its a hybrid of Lionhead and Calico Oranda.  At first, I thought the shape of the fish was not aesthetically appealing and I thought Americans would not like this fish.  But after watching it for a while and gaining a little more exposure to them, I actually think they will do alright out here.  I also think its nice to introduce some new fish to US goldfish pool.  

In my 1/27/18 shipment, I picked a batch of Calico Cat Lion Goldfish, or Flower Cat Lion Goldfish.  After 2 weeks in quarantine, they have been doing well.  Im going to keep them for another week at least before we begin selling them.  

Be on the lookout for these new goldfish.  They have great color like sakura, kirin and calico.  Very sharp features and interesting shape. I believe they are more of a top view fish than a side view fish, however, that should not dissuade those who keep tanks as opposed to ponds from taking a look. This is a dorsel finless fish.  It has a full wen like a Lionhead and a body that is mixed between a Lionhead and Oranda.  On first appearance, it will strongly resemble a Lionhead, but will have more narrow tail tube with a longer, flatter tail.  

I look forward to bringing these to market and allowing you to add something new to your collection.  Look for pictures in the coming days.

Richard Lin