Quarantine Tank Goldfish

Here at King Koi and Goldfish, we believe it's important that our customers feel informed and confident in our processes. As a result, we decided to have more transparency with our quarantine treatment process. While I understand why so many businesses would not disclose their treatments, (some don't QT at all, or others who say someone overseas did it for them, or just opening myself up for criticism by all the "internet experts"). I hope by unveiling the shroud of mystery, you can make informed decisions and buy confidently.

Day 0

Our quarantine process begins days before the fish arrive.  We begin by clearing all existing fish out of the holding ponds. Then we clean and perform a 100% water change in all ponds that will be used for treating the fish.  Ponds salted to .3% to aid in fish acclimating to our environment.  We prepare holding ponds by farm to minimize water mixing while the fish are in a weakened state and more susceptible to illness.  


Day of Shipment

Today is a high stress day as we work as quickly as possible to get the fish out of their shipping boxes and into the ponds they will live in for the next few weeks.  Its a fight against time to get the fish from LAX to our quarantine facility as quickly as possible.  Fish are unloaded and bags are acclimated and inspected.  If they are showing signs of distress, we immediately remove from bag and place in highly aerated water.  If the fish are doing ok, we let the bags rest in the pond for 15 minutes.  The fish are then removed from the bag and placed in a freshwater bin and bag water is discarded.  We rinse the fish of excess slime and waste product before moving the fish in to the treatment ponds.  Once all the fish are unloaded, we add *Hikari Cyropro* to the water for deworming and delousing and *Hikari Bifuran* as a general antibiotic.  


Day 3

Feed fish for first time


Day 4

We start with a 75% water change to remove salt and introduce fresh water.  Ponds are given a visual inspection.  A sample of fish, about 10% will be netted and inspected for any signs of illness including gill inspection and body inspection.  If there are no visible signs of parasites, worms, fungus or bacteria, we proceed as normal.  *Seachem Cupramine* is doesed at 1ml/40g


Day 6

25% Water change and redose 1ml/40g of *Seachem Cupramine* to have a final concentration of .5ppm.


Day 7

Add *Hikari PraziPro* at a rate of 5ml/20g for treatment of worms and  flukes.  


Day 7-9

No feedings


Day 10-14

Begin *NLS Hex Shield* feedings 2x/day as much as the fish will eat in 3-5minutes


Day 14

100% water change. Fish are done with the initial treatment. Fish staying in holding will begin round 2 of *Hikari PraziPro* and *Hikari CyroPro*  


Day 15-20

All fish are left to rest and observe. Fish requiring additional quarantine will begin round 3 of *Hikari PraziPro* and *Hikari CyroPro*  


Store Tank Introduction

Any fish entering the store will be subject to a Potassium Permanganate dip at a rate of .3g/1g for 5 minutes.  All store tanks are treated Praziquantel, Hikari Ich-X, and Copper every Sunday evening on a 3 on 1 off schedule. You can find additional information under Store Maintenance.