CaribSea Jungle Leaf - Indian Almond Leaf (3 Pack)

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  • Real Catappa leaves for natural conditioning of betta aquariums
  • Recreate soft-water conditions similar to native betta habitats
  • Provide "soft cover" & coax bettas to display natural behaviors

Fish breeders secret to happy, healthy Betta fish. CaribSea Betta Leaf Indian Almond Leaf naturally conditions water by releasing tannins touted for their many health and biological benefits. Indian or Tropical Almond leaves (also known as Catappa or Ketapang leaves), prized by fish breeders worldwide, provide a simple, easy, and natural way to recreate soft-water habitats while providing additional "soft cover" shelter.

CaribSea Betta Leaf Indian Almond Leaf each measures approximately 1-3/4" x 3" long. 3-pack.

  • The secret of tropical fish breeders worldwide
  • Provides a comforting hide area for tropical fish and freshwater shrimp
  • Slowly released tannins help lower pH naturally
  • Recreates water conditions similar to the natural software tropical habitat
  • Encourages nesting and breeding behaviors
  • The perfect natural substrate for bubble nests
  • Becomes a natural biofilm substrate for delicate freshwater shrimp
  • Can also be used in tropical reptile, insect, and amphibian terrariums


More Information

Place one Betta Leaf in a small betta enclosure, simply float it on top of the water. You may notice many natural and healthy betta behaviors such as creating bubble nests, sheltering, and nibbling at the leaf. It is okay to leave the Betta Leaf in the tank or bowl once its begins to disintegrate and sinks to the bottom. Bettas and other fish will benefit from the release of natural tannins (you may notice the water turns a slight "tea" color, this is normal and similar to their natural habitat), as well as biological film that forms on the aged leaf.

Once the leaf mostly disintegrated, another leaf can be added with or without removing the old one. It is important to always do small, regular water changes and to maintain a water temperature of approximately 74 to 84 degree Fahrenheit.

General Information
Indian or Tropical Almond leaves, also known as Catappa or Ketapang leaves are used by fish breeders worldwide to recreate the natural environment of tropical fish and invertebrates such as bettas, tetras, corys, angelfish, discus, freshwater shrimp and other species that come from soft-water jungle or rice paddy habitats. The natural tannins released by these unusual leaves are touted for their many health and biological benefits, and the "soft cover" created by these leaves give your tropicals shelter similar to what would be found in their native ecosystem. These leaves can also be used as a forest floor substrate for arthropods, tropical reptiles and amphibians. Betta Leaf and the somewhat larger Jungle Leaf are the perfect addition to your tropical environment.

About CaribSea
At CaribSea, they take aquariums seriously. Since 1972, CaribSea has supplied hundreds of public aquariums, zoos, aquaculture facilities, public and private institutions, and hundreds of thousands of dedicated aquarists and herp lovers with the highest quality products. CaribSea has been in the forefront of the principle that substrates are a piece of equipment, not just a decorative afterthought. CaribSea substrates are as precisely engineered as any piece of advanced equipment used by today's hobbyists and professionals. CaribSea products are the chemical support, biological filtration, and biodiversity backbone for many of the most spectacular aquatic and reptile displays ever created. CaribSea is celebrating over 40 years in business, and their product line has continued to grow; making CaribSea your aragonite source and so much more.


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