How does shipping work?

Shipping costs will be automated shipping quotes during checkout. Customers are subject to additional charges/refunds.

We will always recommend Next Day Air for all live fish orders. Shipments are sent directly to your door unless requested otherwise. All orders received before 3pm are typically shipped the day of or the following business day.  We ship live fish orders Monday to Thursday with exceptions around holidays. If your order is received Thursday late afternoon to Monday, it will be shipped on the following Monday.

NOTE: Dry goods may not ship with live animals or wet goods and are subject to separate shipping charges.

Shipping Days

Our default shipping days are Monday - Wednesday. We can ship on Thursday - Friday upon request but will typically incur additional costs. 

Average Shipping Costs

These estimated costs are assumed as transcontinental (i.e. from California to New York).

Next Day Air: $65

2nd Day Air: $45


Live Arrival Guarantee

I guarantee my fish will arrive alive. *you must be available to receive the package the day of delivery.

If a fish expires in transit, I will replace the fish, however, you will be responsible for the shipping costs. The replacement fish must be of equal or lesser value than the initial purchase.

However, we are not responsible for the mishandling of your package during transport or any late deliveries. Once the package is in transport, we will not be held liable for any damages to the package. We most certainly may help redirect you to the carrier responsible. 


Please take a picture for us showing the loss- it can just be a picture taken with your smart phone and email to If approved, we will coordinate with you to replace the fish with a fish of similar color and size, AT OUR DISCRETION. You will still be responsible for any shipping costs associated with the replacement. We work very hard to make sure that you receive your fish alive.


Shipping Procedure - Goldfish

In an effort to minimize stress on fish during the shipping process and ensure the safety of the fish, we have a standard shipping process that every fish must go through before cleared to leave the facility.  

Fasting - Once an order is received and payment is complete, the fish will be moved to a holding tank where food will be withheld for up to 3 days prior to shipping.  We fast all fish prior to shipping to minimize waste produced by the fish during their journey in the bag.  With no filter and very little water, the environment can become toxic in a very short time if no precautions are taken.  Please plan ahead and account for fasting.  

Shipping Days - Routine shipping days are Monday- Wednesday.  Exceptions can be made for Thursday and Friday shipping if Saturday delivery is an option (additional cost).  The reason for Wednesday cut off is as a precaution against delayed sorting at the transport carrier facility.  For example, if box is shipped Thursday for Friday delivery and there is a delay at the sort facility, the box wont be delivered until Monday, the fish most likely wont make it.  

Packing and insulation - Our boxes are designed to meet shipping standards.  Every box is clearly labeled “Live Fish” and have directions arrows placed for fish safety.  Fragile labels are also affixed.  I use corrugated cardboard boxes with thick foam insulation to protect and regulate temperature.  An additional waterproof liner is added to meet shipping standards and keep water in the box in the event of a leak.  Every fish is double bagged and bags are filled with pure oxygen.  If additional cushioning is needed, we will pack with bubble wrap or other cushioning products for the safety of the fish.  Because of the care and expertise with which we pack our fish, we lose less than 1% of shipped fish. 

Fish Health

The health and safety of your fish are of upmost importance. As such, there is a chance a fish selected will not be healthy enough to ship. In this case, I will refund you the entire cost of the fish and shipping. If the fish is a part of a larger order, your fish cost will be refunded. I will contact you and discuss what your options are.

Shipping Procedure - Dry Goods

Live fish and dry goods will not be shipped together unless shipping USPS or UPS Ground. Due to the high cost of Air shipping, it's usually more cost effective to ship seperately. Shipping methods for dry goods will be given to you during checkout.

Shipping Carriers

I ship with FedEx, USPS, Delta Cargo, Southwest Cargo, and Hawaiian Cargo. Which carrier I use is based on the best pricing I can find for you. I am flexible and willing to work with you on specific packing or shipping requirements.

Special Requests

Packaging - We can accommodate most special requests or instructions when it comes to packaging. If your requests add weight or increase the box dimensions, you will be responsible for the increase in shipping costs. Any additional costs incurred beyond the normal packing costs will also be your responsibility.  

Specific Delivery Days - We can accommodate most specific delivery days as long as it is within 7 days of the regular delivery date.

Shipping to Hawaii

Prior to shipping your order, you will need to provide a permit from the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture. Once your permit is approved, you will need to send a copy of the approved permit to pack in the box.

The permit form can be found online with the provided link below:

Our default shipping method will be via Hawaiian Air Cargo.

Lost, Late or Damaged Packages

King Koi Goldfish is not responsible for any late packages. However, if your package is not delivered at the expected time, please notify us immediately so we can help you find your order.

Lost packages will be replaced or refunded by King Koi Goldfish.

Please document and immediately notify us in the event of a damaged box. In the unfortunate case that there is fish loss, we will need pictures and documentation to issue a refund to you and to file a claim with the shipping carrier.

Wrong Fish Delivered

In the event that you are shipped the wrong fish, I will refund you the cost of the fish and shipping and you get a free fish. Or, if the fish is still in store, I will reship you the correct fish at no cost to you and you get a free fish. I ask that you do not ship the fish back as it is too much stress for the fish. 

Receiving New Goldfish / Acclimation

When you are receiving your shipment, an acclimation is highly recommended. For more information on our recommended acclimation process, please follow the link provided below.